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  • Hello Alex, Owen here. Thanks for the detailed description. Just to clarify after disconnecting the inductor I put the positive end of the multi meter in pin 6 of my op-amp and the ground in ground. I thought this was correct even though there is nothing in pin 6 from the schematic of an op-amp pin 6 is the output. With this set up it reads 0V and turning the potentiometer it still reads 0 or near 0 volts. Any suggestions?

  • Hello Alex, Owen here, thanks for all the information. I have gone through the whole levitation circuit and fixed all errors I found. Next I then tried levitating the magnet, all it does is snap to the inductor. I have tried turning the potentiometer to change the location of the magnet, but it does not help and keeps snapping to the inductor. Any suggestions? Thanks for all your help with your awesome project!

  • Owen here.
    Alex thanks for all your help! There are some details that are not clear to me.

    Regarding the resonant frequency:

    1. How do I wire the function generator to the circuit a. What does the red to lead attach to? What does the black lead attach to?
      b. What voltage do we set the function generator to?
    2. Do I connect the power supply to the power transfer coil too?
    3. Where do I measure the current to identify the resonant frequency? a. at the signal generator b. at the power supply

    Regarding the hall effect sensor in the levitation circuitry: 1. Where do I position the hall effect sensor?

    I can come by today after 2:00 with my equipment and circuits if you or someone else at Sparkfun could help me with my final questions. Thanks! Owen

  • Owen has the levitation circuitry and the power receiver circuit all wired up with the exception of a few questions: • What is the procedure for finding the resonant frequency? I have a function generator, how do I connect it to the circuit? How do I tell we’ve hit the resonant frequency? • The levitation circuitry diagram mentions putting the capacitor close to ic1, but I don’t understand where this would be? • What is the procedure for wiring the hooking up the power supply? Owen watched your video tutorial on "How to Power a Project". • What is the current at the 5V and 12V locations?
    Thanks in advance for any help!

  • Thanks! That is a huge help!

  • Alex, My son, Owen thinks this is awesome! He would like to try to reproduce it. We have seen your schematic on GitHub. My son is 9 and not an electrical engineer so he needs a little help with a parts list. He has listed several of your parts from your video. Do you have a parts list posted anywhere?

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