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Member Since: August 28, 2009

Country: Spain


Role: Electronic engineer

Organizations: SIVALLES S.L.

Programming Languages: C/C++, Java, Codesys. PLC programming

Languages: Catalan, Spanish, English, German and French

Universities: Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya

Expertise: Automation, Electronics, Engineering

  • What's the difference between this one and http://www.sparkfun.com/products/9873 ?
    I've afforded the second one and I'm in trouble anytime I try to download an sketch to my Arduino Pro board. I need to press RESET button. Any suggestion?

  • There is something I miss. You say:
    "The major difference with this board is that it brings out the DTR pin as opposed to the RTS pin of the FTDI cable. The DTR pin allows an Arduino target to auto-reset when a new Sketch is downloaded. This is a really nice feature to have and allows a sketch to be downloaded without having to hit the reset button."
    But really this pcb behaves reverse and I MUST PUSH reset button in order to download a new Sketch. I've tested this with several Arduino boards with the same result.
    Can you have a look at this????

  • Hi!
    I'm trying to use this to convert RS-485 to USB with a MAX485 IC as this:
    TX -> DI
    RX /RE
    VCC -> DE
    and supply voltage VCC and GND to MAX485 8 and 5.
    I have some problems at the monitoring sw because of this wiring and I would need TXEN pin to control /RE and DE together.
    Any suggestion?

  • This is a great product. It downloads perfectly with Arduino 0016 and I don't need to think in ISP and all these things.
    I would like to have its PCB print (like the Arduino shield boards) to put it in my projects. It would be nice to have this part inside your SFE library.
    Can you help me?

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