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  • Does this include the servos? There isn't an 'includes' tab and the price seems too low for servos. Thanks.

  • Someone please use three to five of these and make an amazing gesture-based musical instrument.

  • As Member #582128 stated in the reviews, I would love to see this product developed or forked into a classroom version that includes a Student Kit and an Instructor Kit. The Instructor Kit could have more curriculum ideas, slides, examples, concept check questions, etc. and the Student Kits could be sold in say sets of four or five. Also the Guides could be formatted so that they can be three-hole-punched or printed in nice color and prepunched. Instructor Guides might have extra teaching notes and/or room to anotate while the Student Guides might have questions and room to record answers or measurements.

  • Does that price include shipping?

  • Hi Angelo,

    Are you still working on a Powerpoint slide pack for the Teacher Binder? I'm a teacher and I'm very interested!

  • On the community designed meter...I'd like a continuity tone that is or could be made loud. I use my meter mostly on the bench with security cameras and micro-controllers but I work where it is always noisy. In addition, a backlit display and a hold function.

    I used a Fluke LAN meter back in the day and it was fantastic but as an individual, I don't think I could ever afford any of the current Fluke products. Money can go a long way toward changing lives here. I get the whole 'yeah they cost more, but you'll never have to buy another...' but that argument is hard to make when you work with hungry kids.

    Scott, PdP, Haiti

  • This would be an amazingly handy device if it had perhaps 10 alarms. It could be used around the house for kid prompting(wake,breakfast,bustop)or in schools (end of class, end of lunch), who knows where else.

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