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  • The Michelin man wonders why no one recognized him or his break dancing skillz

  • Anyone know if its possible to have this talk to Bluetooth devices as they use the same 2.4ghz band?
    even if this means an arduino to process the data

  • Anyone else thinking of making something to make it act like those ball bearings from Aeon Flux?
    You could use the bluetooth connection as an range finder and then have it navigate its way to the source (depending on the ball's hardware)

  • ok, ill have to say, great little product, if you can get it to work. after spending 2 days i now have 2 of these modules which are unusable.
    You connect it up as you would do with the FTDI cable, supply with 5v power and make an connection to the bluetooth adapter. All you can do then is put it in command mode as nothing else will send on any Baud rate unless Pin 4 is raised high to default it to 9600.
    Tried everthing i can think of to get this to work. Ieven attempted to solder pin 4 on the rn41 to vcc pin 11, to raise it high which will work, but unless you are an expert at soldering then you end up shorting it to the shield or the gnd pin.
    Great idea but would but much more useful if this pin was set to an jumper ready

  • ok, found out that the baud rate is incorrect hence no serial data.
    strangely, shorting pin 11 and pin 4 sets the default to 9600 and will now work with arduino. Yet still cant set it in command mode??

  • Having real difficulty getting this to send serial data.
    Soldered on an header an connected to an Arduino Pro Mini.
    Can connect and place in command mode, but other than that no other serial data is getting sent over. Cant even exit command mode or read the settings back.
    Unit is brand new (other than adding the header) so everything is at defaults.
    Have another of these which straight from packaging. Can connect, put in command mode but thats it

  • Could i use to say, convert the analog uadio input from an headphone socket to something usable by the arduino?

  • According to the datasheet this uses an ATmega8 to control the Led colour and brightness.
    Does this mean that i dont need an arduino to control the matrix, and that i can just connect an usb to rs232 adapter to it and reprogram the same way as an arduino?
    If so id just like to check that i can connect the bluetooth mate to it, supply with 5v and from the computer side, send #ffffff to turn all the leds on (after reprogramming the atmega8)

  • Hi Martin
    WM6 bluetooth stack supports the Serial Port Profile so development of an WM6 application to talk to the device should be possible.

  • From the look of it you will need components inbetween to handle level switching between 3.3v and 5v depending on the arduino in use.
    you could use the schematic for below as an reference

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