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  • Hi all,

    I am using an ESP8266 to send a file from an Arduino DUE to a server using PHP. Basically, I read the data from the Serial and send 1000 bytes packages to the server. It works perfectly for any file that takes less than 2 minutes to send. I noticed that, independently of the size of the file, after 2 minutes the client.print() doesn´t work anymore. The server doesn´t return any error too. I thought it could be the timeout but timeouts are related to idle time... I am sending the data constantly.

    Do you know anything about this issue? Thanks! :D - See more at: http://www.esp8266.com/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=10593&sid=52666a3fceea032bbabbdaea6cb9553f#sthash.zk2dQ3s4.dpuf

  • Hi All, I am having a problem with the communication of my shield with a FTP server. I bought a WiFi Shield to work with a FTP server and it is working fine with the Arduino MEGA 2560 using the SW emulated serial port at the ports 52 and 53. I Tried to use the HW port of the shield and for that, I conected the TX and RX pins to the Serial2 port of the board, switched the control to HW and modified the library so it recognize my Serial port as the Serial 2. It worked really well connecting to my router, retrieving the IP address and AP name but, when I try to connect the board as a FTP client, I can´t get it to work properly. My FTP server receives the requests but my Arduino board doesn´t receive the FTP response. Do anyone know what can be happening? Thanks.

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