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  • Wasted almost 5 hours of my life last year with this nonsense. Do it again? No way... My time is worth more than $100 of free stuff if I just happened to get lucky.

  • The SparkFun description of this board says "Our development board can be programmed in the XMOS Development Environment as if it were the XC-5 Development Board." This is true, but they don't mention that the XC-5 board uses a 20 MHz oscillator while their board uses a 13 MHz. This will throw off the timing of any code that uses clocks or timers unless you find the XC-5.xn file in the XMOS Design Tools' configs directory and change Oscillator="20MHz" to Oscillator="13MHz".

  • In my experience, all lead-free solders suck compared to 63/37 lead-based solder. Higher melting point, doesn't flow as well, and tends to ball up on a joint.
    With Kester 63/37 going for around $25 for a 1 lb. spool in my area, I think I'll pass on this stuff.

  • I did the Sparkfun surface mount soldering session at the Faire and it was great. It also served as a reminder as to how much I hate lead-free solder!

  • This card can be used anywhere you want to convert a standard XBee or XBee Pro socket to a wired RS232 connection, not just for the LinkSprite PLC boards.
    It uses a Sipex SP3232EEN IC to do the 3.3v to RS232 level conversions.
    If you need to temporarily or permanently replace an XBee with a wired serial connection, this board is a plug-and-play solution: just pop the XBee out of its socket, plug this one in, and connect your serial cable to the DB9 connector, and Bob's your uncle. It doesn't get any easier than this.

  • The saddest part of this whole thing is knowing that many of the people who "won" are not electronics enthusiasts at all but rather people who got here from a link on and will list the stuff they "bought" on eBay five minutes after UPS delivers it.

  • If you missed out, you'll probably get a second chance...
    I bet half the stuff people scored today during this stunt will show up on eBay five minutes after UPS delivers.

  • Here's an idea:
    Rather than run hair-brained schemes such as the one today, which only seems to have pissed off around 69,000 people, why don't you just offer normal sales like most sites do?
    It's not like your prices are competitive with the big guys (DigiKey, Mouser) anyway, so why risk loosing even more customers with a misguided, very poorly run stunt like the one you ran today.
    Did you really think frustrating 69,000 people would generate lots of new customers and otherwise generate goodwill for your company? Quite the opposite...

  • What a joke! What a fiasco! Words fail me...
    I wasted two hours of my time pounding on the F5 key while watching my frustration level climb. I got to the "payment" screen three times, but all three times it bounced me back to the previous screen.
    Next time you try this kind of thing, consult with the big boys and find out how to run a real e-commerce server before you subject your customers to this mess!
    Since I still can't get past the payment screen (even through the "sale" is over), I'm taking my business to Mouser. If this stunt was supposed to gain more customers for SparkFun, I think just the opposite may happen when all the ticked off people who participated in this abortion take their shopping elsewhere.

  • Sparkfun may want to consider changing the 10K pull-up resistor on the data line to something like 4.7K or 2.2K instead.
    The current 10K pull-ups cause quite a bit of slew on the data line and limit speed. I'd prefer the trade-off of added current draw when transmitting on the bus over the lower data rate possible with higher value pull-ups.

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