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  • Thanks for the quick response! :)
    Looks like Apple iTunes is the source of the problem. iTunes may be adding some addition mp3 header info(?) to the mp3s when the application imports or converts audio tracks. I suspect it may be with the header information. The mp3s will still play, but with a bizarre delay.
    I was able to get the MP3 trigger working properly by creating mp3s with a dedicated sound conversion utility.
    MP3 trigger initiates playback almost instantaneously.

  • I just tried one of these boards and inserted a valid microSD card.
    However queuing up mp3 tracks is taking just over 3 full seconds to start playing. I've tried two different brand cards, both of which are very fast cards. Lexar was one of the brands.
    I've also tried loading very short mp3's, about 5 seconds long, 128kbit data rate. The duration of the sound file doesn't seem to be a factor.
    Anyone have any ideas why this trigger isn't so speedy. It's not usable with a consistent 3 second delay for beginning playback.
    I was using the built-in shuttle controller to trigger the files? Is anyone know of delays associated with the shuttle controller?

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