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  • Any chance for a matching box to put it in?

  • Is there an Eagle library for this? Can't seem to find it in the normal Sparkfun lib on git hub. Will make it if I need to, but would rather just use something that is already there.

  • I thought I had it once it was in my cart, 16 were left when I added it. But after entering my CC info, it says back order. :( I can see if people lock items up for days by putting it in the cart, but at least give us a few minutes to check out.

  • FYI Picture of package says 5mm shaft, Features say 3mm.

  • Could you offer just the board without the display, I have the early vintage one where the voltage driver was a bit touchy.

  • I purchased two of these meters. The resistance measures between 3 or 4 ohms and it does have an internal shunt resistor. The windings look similar to the size used in the volt meter and might actually be the same movement. Again, these meters are easy to disassemble and change the shunt resistor if desired. One of the two meters didn't work initially and when I disassembled it, it started to work. I resoldered some joints and it still works. The quality is rather low, but it still a good deal for the price.

  • Just got in a couple of these, they measure about 6.9K ohms. That would place it at about 0.72mA for full scale displacement. There is an internal resistor that you could change if you wanted different scale. I didn't look at its value.
    Just a note, one of the two I purchased didn't work. Opening the meter, the wire connected from the stud on the back to the movement had fallen off. I just resoldered it and it works fine. It is easy to disassemble these meters to change the scales or resistors.

  • Thanks guys for putting it on again. I just took the cash. Didn't want to look bad as I teach Electrical Engineering at the University of Nebraska.

  • I got my $40 ..... Wasn't going to work through the questions. First order was 1/27/06, just 2 weeks short of 5 years. I would tell you that you guys should round but it is free money... Thanks guys.

  • Mine came in yesterday (2/16/10). After a few hours of playing with it, I have decided the software is a bit alpha. So if something doesn't work as expected, just try hitting the run/stop a few times. I can confuse it and it will leave pixels turned on that the software lost track of. My 512Meg micro SD card formatted to fat16 with the downloaded files still fails so I can't save traces.
    Don't get me wrong, this thing is fun and I am glad I got it.
    Source code is available and there is a software update that may fix many of my problems. Except that it runs under windows and I run Linux and Macs. Parallels doesn't work for programming it. They didn't use gcc for code development, but maybe someone with a bit more time will get that started.
    It may have its limitations, but bang for buck is good.