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  • These are a fantastic crimper and a great price. We use them for JST crimps. They get a hammering at our workplace and are still going strong, just ordered 5 more.

  • Bought a couple of these to evaluate for some autonomous robot kits. To be honest I was a bit disappointed.

    Firstly on the plus side:

    1. The 5V output, direction LEDs and current monitoring features are very helpful.

    2. The heatsink on the L298 is good and looks cool :)

    BUT I would like to provide some feedback...

    1. The assembly quality was appalling. I have seen high school students with better soldering and the components were mounted really badly.

    2. Unless the PCB is made with 2oz copper I would have little faith that the tracks for the motors could handle the specified 2A for any extended time. They would probably do the job but there is plenty of room to make them wider.

    3. If you are using say 12V motors, the 5V regulator will NEED a heatsink to put out 1A (7W). Even if you are using 6V motors, that will result in 1W which is doable but at approx. 65deg/W a heatsink is still recommended. With a 35V input at 1A the regulator will be dissipating 30W!!!! So the claim of 6-35V input with up to 5V 1A output is misleading at best. Biggest problem here is you can't physically fit a heatsink on the regulator due to the two 3W resistors being in the way, so you will never be able to get that 5V at 1A.

    So yes it is a reasonably priced kit, yes it has some decent functionality, if that is all you are concerned about, go for it. But I think the specifications are misleading and the overall quality disappointing. We ended up spending the time and money to develop our own with all of the above short comings addressed using the SMD version of the L298 and a 25W 5V output.

  • The recommended servo (DGServo S05NF STD) is horrible, read the reviews on it. We replaced it with a better quality servo (Hitec HS82-MG). Some fabrication of the was necessary to get the servo to seat properly, the mounting screw holes were out, and the screws for attaching the servo head are too long. So we got the servo seated much better, used the correct length screws and everything was looking good. BUT the jaw's gears don't meet now as the distance between the centre point of the servo gear head and its mounting screw is too big (by about 3-4mm).

    So using a crappy servo and some brute force it kinda works. Using a decent quality servo and making some improvements it doesn't work. It's cheap yes, but this is void with the amount of fabrication required to make it useful.

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