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  • Does anybody know who the manufacturer of this device is?

  • I have four sensor that appear to be very similar (three wire load sensors) from a bathroom scale. I’ve wired them as if they were each ½ wheatstone bridge (using the red wires as the signal) with Back = VSS, White = VDD (3.3v). This gives me two opposing wheatstones. Each pair of signals (red wires) is read by a differential amplifier and fed into an ADC. They are placed back into the bathroom scale frame and set on the floor. Their differential readings for each pair are: -0.00037500 -0.00000000

    with 80 lbs placed on the scale they read: -0.51137500 -0.00075000

    I’ve had one of the sensors out for inspection and placed it back into the scale, I’m assuming this a major contributor to the descrepencies at zero weight placed. Either way, does this sound like correct placement? If so, why would a scale utilize two wheatstones? Thanks for any insight…

  • CRobo
    This device is at the 532nm wavelength, no need for IR (infrared) filtering which is down beyond the 700nm wavelength.

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