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  • DanielBenamy: I want to solder a header onto this that will stick off the side like a few people have recommended. It looks like the pins that I solder to pads 4 and 5 may touch the little vias along the edge of the border. Does anyone know if those vias are connected to anything and if this will be a problem? Pins four and five are ground. Thanks, Dan
    Those vias are GND. Or at least that’s what I remember! use a multimeter to check for continuity there… Since pads 4 and 5 are ground I think that what you are planning should work

  • you’ll need a magnetometer to correct the bias of the gyros on the z-axis. With this board you can get pitch and roll.

  • Anyone here knows the reason for the HP Filters (gyros) that SF put on this BOB?
    I just got mine and I’m wondering if I should remove them… any suggestions?

  • This is not a plug & play replace for those sensors. You will need to do some math to adjust this little board to your needs…

  • The X axis of my accel just died… just like that… i was reading the voltage values with a multimeter and suddenly X reads 0 V (marked as Y on BOB)
    I tried with the self-test pin but it’s completely gone… the other 2 axis work fine… has anyone else had this problem??

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