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  • Sadly the press seems only to interview Massimo Banzi and takes his word for the truth without any independent verification (very bad journalism), so we only get his version of the story over and over again. So at first, I also thought, Gianluca Martino (the guy) to a backstabbing crook. But then I read the story of Hernando Barragán ( It'll make you seriously doubt the integrity of Banzi, the guy who regularly and repeatedly claims that all of this was his idea and design (Board, IDE, everything)... while in truth it's a fork of "Wiring" (one comment mentioned that), developed by said Barragán (from "Processing"... just google it). He even developed the early prototypes that with some minor changes in layout became the Arduino. Barragán was never contacted or even notified. Also one note on Martino: While Banzi planned to outsource manufacturing as widely as possible, with Arduino SRL collecting royalties. Martino (as he states) on the other hand wanted to keep the manufacturing of Arduino Brand products in Ivrea, Italy(which, in theory, could secure jobs in the region and guarantee a certain level of built-quality). So read Barragán's story and make your own opinion based on some more facts.

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