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Hi, I'm a guy who buys tons of stuff and then never does anything with it!

  • Are there any SO-8 package regulators that are more appropriate and have the same pin-out as the AP2112k, so users could mod it? All I've found from a local store is the L4931, where sadly the "Enable" pin maps to an "Inhibit" pin.

  • Can anyone give me some ballpark figures on the power draw I can expect from this in different modes when attached to an Arduino Uno? I've seen that it has a sleep and a deep sleep mode, though, this comment suggests that the deep sleep mode won't work due to the board's design.

    I'm looking to power this from a 9V 109mA solar cell (hooked up to a Sunny Buddy with a battery), and I'm not quite sure whether I'm even close to having enough power. I'm still waiting for my Arduino Uno to arrive (since this doesn't fit my trusty Duemilanove) so I can't just trial and error this right now.

    According to measurements on nurdspace.nl, the ESP8266's power draw during operation is close/beyond what the solar cell outputs, but since I don't plan on it continuously sending data, I'm hoping on it just scraping by.

    Any suggestions on power conserving tricks for this are appreciated as well. If push comes to shove, I'll just hook up a second solar cell in series.

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