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  • I just got my Razor working with the XBee Explorer. I was having trouble getting the baud rate correct. I found that I was setting the board to the wrong type. I have the 328 and the correct board setting (Tools/Board) is "Arduino Pro or Pro Mini(3.3v, 8 MHz)w/ ATmega328". It works with the baud rate set to 115200 with the Python display code. I also did have to change the baud rate in the python code.

  • I am having the same issue as LVicente is having where I updated to the zip file version of FW.SFE and the display stops working however it still plays MP3's. I also noticed the the PCB is slightly different from the User Manual Figure 1. The most notable difference is the programming header moved and the debug header has been removed. I was hoping there would be a firmware update on this site.

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