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  • I do installations of phased array real-time location systems for passive RFID tags / And some firmware + hardware dev. Accurate setup of the antennas is critical So, I've used the Prexiso constantly, as well as the more fancy Hilti PD 40 which give crazy accuracy. It's really cool to see it opened up, all of us at work have wanted to see the insides but didn't want to break the thing.

    We have pretty good contacts at Hilti, and an email of a sales engineer at Prexiso. If I can dig it up will send your way.

  • Excellent!
    Back in 2000 when I was in 5th grade I remember being totally lost and striving to find resources to build robots. I built various hacked sensors for lego mindstorms robots and tested them for ability in a maze.
    eventually projects like this got me into a mentoring program at the Center of Science and Industry (COSI) in columbus OH where I met astronauts, engineers and other people to help me with my passions. From that I ended up in a great college!
    Great job! I wish I had sparkfun growing up ;p Robot builders bonanza wasn't that bad though.

  • kinda pricy!

  • Pretty sure your going to have issues doing this with this reader, however,
    Reading multiple tags is frequently done in industry with modern HF tags. Done though "telling" tags to choose a random number then asking each tag in order to report at each read cycle until it's improbable that tags in range have repetitiously chosen the same random numbers.
    Another thought:
    Readers I've seen usually record only one read if their are multiple tags in range with the same code.
    Adjacency is a big issue with RFID tags, its rough to read tags when they are close or touching each other

  • I work as a RFID technician at Avery Dennison.
    We make these cards for Walmart and Dole for asset tracking, but at FCC 902 - 258 MHz.
    Really doesn't seem to be hobbyist readers for HF tags yet, but I'd really like one.
    Anyways has anyone verified the power output of this (dBm)?
    Thinking of grabbing one of these little guys and boosting it.

  • Well, when you get a full truth system it makes things much more manageable.
    I love my little auroquad... Building one at university of dayton with AFRL CRPD.

  • Wonderful! Everything loads quick, with good reflex to move from product to product.(even while displaying all items for categories!)

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