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We have ported another "still relevant" tutorial from our archives, and added additional content to make it even more helpful on your next project!

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Let's review an overly simple example of our new product process, and the unavoidable truth of fun over efficiency in my life...

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Learn different ways to reduce the current draw for your next Arduino project.

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  • I am not seeing anything in the documentation that specifically states it has either of these connectors. The module has an edge connector that mates with the Dev kit board to allow easier access to all the IO, etc... We are scheduled to get our first samples from Nvidia soon so we can play with them and create more specific documentation. Stay tuned...

  • I appreciate the sense of humor in regards to the RTC & have added the SparkFun Big Time Watch kit to the list of hookup accessories! We are equally excited about this new Jetson and should be getting our demo kit any day now. Our latest ETA on the fulfillment of our initial order from Nvidia is early next week; (fingers crossed).

  • @tangobravo, thank you for passing this along! The datasheet link has been fixed. Happy reading and happy hacking!

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