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In case you missed it, RPi 4 got a new bootloader that helps manage the heat this SBC produces.

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The SparkFun gator:bit v2 and sensors are now available as a congregation!

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After a short time in retirement, the SparkX A111 Breakout Board is coming back to life as part of the Get Sparked program!

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We have everything you need to get started and go pro with your 3D printing.

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Revisiting the use of virtual network computing for headless (or just more convenient) interaction with your RPi setup.

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We have ported another "still relevant" tutorial from our archives, and added additional content to make it even more helpful on your next project!

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Let's review an overly simple example of our new product process, and the unavoidable truth of fun over efficiency in my life...

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Learn different ways to reduce the current draw for your next Arduino project.

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RED-V Thing Plus Hookup Guide

November 22, 2019

This guide will go over the hardware of the RED-V Thing Plus.

Assembly Guide for SparkFun JetBot AI Kit

August 13, 2019

Assembly Guide for the SparkFun JetBot AI Kit. This tutorial includes photos & comments to assemble the two-layer chassis & additional components unique to the JetBot kit.
  • Hello, please contact support@sparkfun.com for questions regarding shipping. (Translated) Hola, comuníquese con support@sparkfun.com si tiene preguntas sobre el envío.

  • Hey Luis78, I would recommend taking a look at this GitHub issue: https://github.com/NVIDIA-AI-IOT/jetbot/issues/68. Typically we see slight deviations in the motors which causes them to drive at slightly different speeds even if they are receiving the same voltage signal. About 2/3 of the way down this post "jaybdub" talks about where in the code you can modify these speeds to find what is best for your motor pair & Jetbot environment. Just a reminder that if you need help with your SparkFun product, the SFE Forums (https://forum.sparkfun.com/) will be the fastest path to a response. Cheers,

  • John, This is a very cool way to utilize two filament colors & plan this into your design. We are looking forward to playing with a new dual-extruder we have on order for our Engineering team, but we have definitely done hot swaps before in the middle of a print with mixed results. Thanks for sharing your Thingiverse project!

  • Absolutely GardnerTech! We have used Pi's to monitor environmental sensor data & it's so nice to be able to pull up on your phone for demos.The lack of redundant mice & keyboards makes my desk look more organized than it actually is. Glad you have put this to use with your projects as well!

  • I am not seeing anything in the documentation that specifically states it has either of these connectors. The module has an edge connector that mates with the Dev kit board to allow easier access to all the IO, etc... We are scheduled to get our first samples from Nvidia soon so we can play with them and create more specific documentation. Stay tuned...

  • I appreciate the sense of humor in regards to the RTC & have added the SparkFun Big Time Watch kit to the list of hookup accessories! We are equally excited about this new Jetson and should be getting our demo kit any day now. Our latest ETA on the fulfillment of our initial order from Nvidia is early next week; (fingers crossed).

  • @tangobravo, thank you for passing this along! The datasheet link has been fixed. Happy reading and happy hacking!

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