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  • Exhibits wonderful non-linearity in the output... Go code yourself a correction algorithm...

  • I think there is something quite wrong with these sensors. I have likely destroyed three... I know one is burnt out from 5 minutes in direct sunlight (no warning in the datasheet about this...) and the other two have failed to have even remotely recognisable output on the oscilloscope.

    Similarly with arduino, the timer and the pin 5 FreqCounter lib won't work as the output is nothing like the square wave in the doco.

    Heading back to the photodiode now, then after that fails the good old LDR... At least you KNOW an LDR will work...

    Sam, @samotage

  • After far too much time trying to get these to work, I finally have the answer.
    MrSinewave is correct regarding the firmware codes.
    However, the snitcher is this... by default the Zigbee is set to cyclic sleep for an endpoint. This is kinda funky when it comes to programming, as the Zigbee goes to sleep in about the time it takes to power up, and hit the update firmware, and often goes back to sleep again when it's mid programming...
    I've taken to setting these up as routers, with the sleep set to off. Then use Pin sleep driven by the mircocontroller with appropraite wake/sleep control later on.
    Also make sure the Channel Verification - JV parameter is set to true so it actually connects to it's appropriate coordinator.
    Another tip - update to the latest X-CTU, which seems to manage the flash process better.
    Sam, @samotage

  • Just bricked one of these straight up.
    They don't come programmed with a firmware recognisable by X-CTU, then if you follow the links to the firmwares at Digi: http://www.digi.com/support/productdetl.jsp?pid=4549&osvid=0&s=507&tp=1
    And flash, you will have a bricked unit.
    It would be really nice if SparkFun shipped working units, instead of this fail.

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