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  • If current consumption is an issue then a quick measurement shows that this board draws only 22 mA with nothing connected (ok, I changed the LED current limiting resistors R1 and R2 from 330 ohm to 1 kohm), the UNO on the other hand uses 48 mA under the same conditions.

  • I found the example code pretty confusing. For more understandable, no library and rock steady decoding check out this page.

  • On this new version of the Ardubot PCB there is no conflict between the Arduino USB connector and wheel, use the recommended 32x7mm wheel size and there should be no trouble.
    But still the Arduino ICSP programming header hits one of the mounting screws for one of the motors, to fix this problem reduce the height of the screwhead by 1 mm using a flat metal file.

  • I like this one, but no example software? After some testing I found out that the right motor is controlled by digital pins 9 and 6, the left by digital pins 3 and 5. The motor driver chip has both enable pins connected to +5V. Precise speed control can be obtained by using code like this:
    void rightForward(byte speed){ // Motor code blocks
    digitalWrite(9, LOW);
    analogWrite(6, speed);
    void rightBackward(byte speed){
    analogWrite(9, speed);
    digitalWrite(6, LOW);
    For complete code examples, including code for wireless Nunchuck control, visit this page

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