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  • So I was looking through some of the specs and doing some calculations and I was wondering what you did for power? If you have 300 leds per cloud it seems like it could draw quite a bit of current. Any suggestions for power?

  • That's really cool to look at where PLC's came from. I work on Beckhoff PLC's myself and it's really amazing where they've come from and the capabilities they've gained over the years.

  • I did a research paper on this topic in college. It's something phone/data companies do already to increase bandwidth on data lines. It's called wavelength division multiplexing. I don't remember their exact implementation but I believe they use prisms to separate the spectrum. Good job figuring out how to do it using the given equipment though. That's not easy to do.

  • You might also consider using cos (cosine) instead of sine to take care of starting at zero. This would eliminate the other math since cosine naturally begins at 0, and you can still use the same range and offset values. Just a thought to make things a little easier.

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