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  • With the addition of the FPU, I wish I was smart enough to implement a Kalman filter for IMU sensor fusion. This teensy little fella would fly nicely. Someday maybe.

  • It's been a couple months, but pins 2 and 3 on the DB9 need switched IIRC. I tried this on a little TTL/RS232 level shifter SF sells ( PRT-08780), but it didn't work because it relyed on a "real" RS232 driver on the other end to produce the voltages needed. So assumeing the device doesn't produce the +- voltages we would need something like the beloved MAX232 driver, and I hate breadboarding hence my interest in this product. If you look at the schematic of the PRT-08780 you'll see what I mean.

    BTW, I wanted to us a Spaceball 5000 as a HMI input to a project, and it needs the terminal to produce the voltage swings to get usefull data back.

  • I like the jumper selection for which pins to use, cool idea. Now I wish they would make one for the RS232 side. I don't really need to have the arduino talk to a computer, would be much better if it talked to the device. So I could solder on a male DB-9 connector but still have to bend pins 2 and 3 out the back then jumper wire cross them. Or I could leave it the way it is and make a little crossover cable... Either way it's much better than the a bread board.

  • This device is great. I've had mine for several months now. Getting started with Teensyduino made getting started fast. I cannot beleive the price, ten years ago a 32bit uC board was an order of magnitude higher. Best is the service over at PJRC.com, Paul has been doing this kind of work for a long time. I used one of his 8051 boards back in school ~15 years ago, his tutorials and example code got me through some tough assignments.

  • I ordered one to have an extra to use with teensy 3.1 Turns out it's the only one that stays plugged into my worn out phone. So the other one is with the teensy. To me it's a good, rugged USB cord, much better fit in any device I've used it on than the super cheepos that come with cell phones. I think I'll just order one every time I place a SFE order. My $0.02

  • Where are the tracks? Just use LEGO tracks?

  • Just got my OBD II UART and cable in mail, super excited. Cable is >very< tight on 2000 Ford F350 and will not work on 2004 VW Jetta. Not a big deal, will have to just modify cable a little.

  • Good to know! A "squadron of gorgeous dancing girls" would distract me from even the sweetest development platform too. I would be touching, but not the Mbed! I agree with your point though, I have my own server for >my< own stuff for a reason, I want it here on my own net. Not relying on www, although I wouldn't get far on any project if I couldn't hit wikipedia or Ubuntu or Atmel or Sparkfun or Sourceforge or ... oh my I'd be lost without it any ways. I'm still keeping my code and compilers/assemblers at home!

  • Thanks for the leg work. Made it easy for me. thumbs up

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