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  • I guess it’s not obviously logical, but at some point I found some location information on the shipping information page referring to local pickup.

    There’s also the contact page available at the bottom of the home page along with a subtle Niwot, CO linked to a map among those at the very very bottom of the most pages.

    I agree that it could be more prominent, but it only seems useful for people in the area already. I had better luck finding an address via a Google search as an out-of-town visitor for AVC 2015.

  • The laundry robots have already been created. They are called, interestingly enough, a “washing machine” and a “dryer”. You can pick one up a local retailer. Many are quite hackable, too!

  • I am looking forward to seeing the redux on the system performance during the event. Most of what I got was a whole bunch of non-response from the servers and the resulting unhappy browsers. (I tried Firefox, IE, and Chrome.) I’d logged in 5 minutes before the start of festivities without a problem. It was a tad sluggish, but perfectly workable. As soon as the timer got to NOW, though, maybe one try in 20 didn’t timeout. I was never able to get to the free_day page. I did get redirected to the login page at one point and from then on I didn’t get anything useful back. Maybe 10% of the page load attempts got me an error page back from the server.

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