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  • This is very nice board. I really like it. Now I could use some help for my project. My goal is to send data from a sensor that stores data in a 16 bit unsigned integer. I was able to send that data through BLE UART using the seria.ino file in the examples as a reference. However, the only way I was able to do that was by sending the data after taking 16 bit values and splitting them into two separate 8-bit values and using the BLESerial.write function since the function can only send 8 bits (one byte) at a time. Is there another way of communicating that will allow me send more information at a time in a single instance.

    Also, I see in the comments that the TWI and I2C lines on the board are pins 20 and 21 on the board. However, there is no pin 21 on the board for the SCL line. Do I have to change the definitions like how it is explained here in the tutorial: https://learn.sparkfun.com/tutorials/nrf52832-breakout-board-hookup-guide/discuss#comment-58599a84f3b1a8770f8b4567.

    Thank you.

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