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  • Wow, thank you. That means a lot to me. But I wouldn't. I'm not so great at this stuff. I started the project as something to do, and a way to learn as I go, while creating something really cool.
    I skipped my first 3 periods of school hoping to get a few things, aha.
    If you're interested though, here's one of the first things I did:
    Computer sends command to Arduino, Arduino sends command to relay, switches the power button, viola.
    Things have gotten more complicated since then.

  • I honestly feel a little ripped off. I know it's not SF's fault at all, nobody really saw this coming until a few days before Free Day.

  • I hate to sound mean, but honestly, I think us returning customers who weren't able to get anything, she maybe get a free t-shirt or something. That was one of the things I wanted really bad. As among an RFID reader, LCD, ATmegas, and a few other things to further a huge, voice-activated home automation project I've been working on (His name is Alex) Unfortunately, I've run out of funds.

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