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  • I think there is something wrong on those numbers! ppm stands for parts-per-million (10E-6) so +/-2ppm is +/-2E-6 or +/-0.0002% of error.

    The error after one day will be 0.0002% of 86400 sec = 0.1728 sec To have 1 second it only needs 5.787 days! And this will be true if the device is operating at ambient temperature (25ÂșC). If not then the temperature should be taken into account!

    Maxim has a nice Real-Time Clock Calculator for ppm ( http://www.maxim-ic.com/design/tools/calculators/product-design/rtc.cfm ), check it out!

  • Goncalo: yes
    If I am not mistaken version CC v3.0

  • yes

  • Hi all,
    First I would like to thanks sparkfun team for their excellent work. I love the way that you made available the schematics and the products that you have are awesome!
    I am putting my comment here because recently I was developing a PCB with the XS1-L1-64 and after I received the boards I notice that the ground pad of the XS1 doesn't have the correct dimensions :(! So what happen was that I had a couple of vias next to that ground pad because I was trusting the XS1 sparkfun eagle package! The actual ground pad is bigger than the one that was on the design, and now I can't solder the chip otherwise I will short circuit some I/Os with the ground!
    My suggestion to you guys is to correct this package with the correct dimensions so in the future people don't make wrong assumptions!
    Besides that so far everything is perfect! Continue the excellent work!

  • I posted before I read... it looks someone already talk about it... sorry.

  • Hi guys... you should check this quadrotor:
    It is pretty cool, and people can develop games for it.

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