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  • The most useful tool I have ever used. I was told by many friends that it suits only a few scenarios, and that an oscilloscope would be much more useful. That statement is entirely false. Every day that I work with atmegas interfacing with other devices I find a use for this tool. Easily tap into the communication lines and find problems quickly. Great user interface with many bus deciphers

  • You can view your order history and see when your first order was

  • Thanks Spark Fun. The questions were well worth the risk. Thanks for the hints at the bottom of the pages too. After refreshing for two hours I was able to get some of the questions submitted, then forcefully asked to stop and accept what was I had completed due to end of free day!!! I ordered my new bluesmirf board :D

  • Hey guys just wanted to share my love for this chip. The soldering technique that worked best for me was to solder 2 resister leads to all four corners of the board and place those leads onto the .1 spaced protoboard, then solder more resister leads onto the pins I needed to access.
    The AT command sheet is pretty simple, there are a couple commands that need specific modes to be in so just keep pluggin away. NewSoftSerial library works well, just do a print(“ati1\r”); or similar command to submit. The longest part for me was figuring out how to communicate with it i tried ati1, ati1\n, ati1\r\n, then lastly the correct one of ati1\r. Blah blah blah, it auto connects with my android phone great, able to send strings back and forth.
    My problem is that it stops auto connecting for some reason with no recurring pattern. Sometimes after 4-5 connections/disconnections, sometimes 10-15. My arduino keeps going but its not making the connections any more. Any clue why?

  • Is the Command Set accurate for this board? I am trying to communicate I cannot get the commands to work.
    BlueTooth.print(“AT\r\n”); returns OK
    but any other command to try to get any data returns “ERROR"
    ie: BlueTooth.print("ATC?\r\n”);