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  • As a software engineer that uses C# every day this looks really enticing. A good featured affordable board that runs .Net and has lots of libraries plus there a lots of Arduino shields I can just plug in. For me C# is very productive and I will be getting a Fez for that reason.
    Here's some good things about C# & .Net for those unfamiliar:
    - Type safety
    - Strings are a first class citizen.
    - C# is the swiss army knife of languages. It combines advanced OO, Functional and Procedural programming in the same language and does it well.
    - Garbage collection == Less code == less bugs. Does not cause latency issues if used right. Successfully used in XNA games for xbox.
    - With .Net4 bug free concurrency and coordination of multithreaded code has been made easy. This is a mega huge plus for any IO bound situation like robotics.
    Shame this thread is a dump on MS at times. C#/.Net is built by very smart engineers like Anders Hejlsberg & Erik Meijer. The're not evil MBA's in suits. Just nerds that produce exceptional engineering that is a pleasure to learn.

  • Works fine with 08M chips and Windows XP
    Try swapping the TX & RX leads if it does not seem to work and the chip input pin is always 2.7V using the PICAXE port test. More info http://forum.sparkfun.com/viewtopic.php?p=91939#91939
    BTW: Would be better if the stereo plug was a male rather than female plug for use with PICAXE breadboard adaptor, or include the breadboard adaptor circuit and header pins on this board.

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