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  • Thanks for this awesome opportunity and for convincing me to publish something open source. I really need to do more. Ive put everything I did with documentation at This is the first time Ive used github so I hope I did not mess anything up. Im also hoping I make the deadline as its been a bit difficult to get somewhere with internet and electricity (I deal with weird stuff)

    I do not have the hardware and hope my modification of the code does work.

    This is what I did Take an average over the last 76 data points (152ms) if its greater than 17 count it as half a punch. Also making sure not to count punches unless they are at least 152ms apart. 1.29% seemed like I could do better Results: 3-77 result 78 error 1.29% 4-81 result 82 error 1.23% 5-93 result 93 error 0% 6-79 result 79 error 0% Mysterydataset1 = 154 Mysterydataset2 = 153

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