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  • How many MegaBites you think that thing can handle?

  • As much of a nuisance and pain this type of occurrence is, it shows that you are now worthy of great attention. this is because you now have been deemed to have enough worth to be threatened and sued.
    However, it is my feeling that the actual company SPARC, itnl. has no idea that this action has been taken against you, but rather, it is a law firm that does nothing else other than look to harass companies in the so called benefit of other companies who probably pay the law firm far more than the lawyers are worth.
    This is more than obvious in this case since the law firm has no clue about the context in which they used the terms in there letter other than Sparkfun has circuits and circuit boards and that SPARC, intl. has goods that contain circuits and circuit boards.
    Well, long statement to short, you are doing a great job and are now receiving both appropriate and in-appropriate attention. Keep up the great work and don't let anyone try to beat you down.