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  • This works great with the Bluetooth on the MAC and arduino! http://tekstop.wordpress.com/2012/07/26/wireless-switch-using-arduino-and-a-mac/

  • Free Days are awesome [I have won $30 over the last 3]. I just found this one not half as much exciting as the previous one!.

    Either ways, I’ll still be a loyal sparkfun customer (it’ll take a lot more than 1000 CAPTCHAS to drive me away).

    However, here’s hoping for a better free day next time around!

  • would be great, if the website ran as smoothly on Free Day as it runs in the video ;)

  • I just created a tutorial for programming these with an arduino (ISP).

  • Amazing Free Day :). Even though I was not able to submit my order, I loved the fact that there was one.
    Yes! I was frustrated at the site (NOT Loading) and then when my order had qualified, my browser crashing (damn Chrome), but I loved the spirit of the whole deal.

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