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  • Showed up an hour too early to "Almost Free Day" (wrong time zone) ooops. When I came back, it was a mad dash to put the SKU in my cart. Despite the lag, I somehow managed to get through the checkout process not once, but twice in a matter of minutes. I contemplated pushing my luck but ultimately decided that I got a heck of a deal and 2 boards for 2 cents was a steal. Not sure if it was luck of the draw or what, but ended up with 2 different boards a RedBoard and a Big Easy Driver. I know a few people were worried about getting a duplicate board. Oddly enough these are just the things I needed for an incubator I've been wanting to build for sometime now. Thank you Spark Fun! It's like you read my mind and sent just what I was hoping for. This was my 2nd and 3rd purchase from you guys but definitely not my last! I check your site out daily to view tutorials, see if there is anything new, and lastly to window shop until I can make a decision on what my next purchase will be since I wan't to buy everything!

  • Received a Red Board on "Almost Free Day". I love the fact their are so many helpful tutorials and that I received a board to practice on instead of getting break out boards that I wouldn't be able to use without a micro controller. Not sure if it was intentional or luck of the draw worked perfect out of the box with the "Blink" program preloaded. Somehow I got it stuck on a sensor program and it would not let me upload any new sketches, but as usual I'm sure it was user error as I was able to get the "Blink" program to re-upload. I have a mac and didn't have any of the issues with the FTDI drivers as it seemed to work by just downloading the Arduino IDE. I Will admit though, I think something with the ports after uploading the DHT22 sensor sketch somehow affected the drivers temporarily which would upload half of a program then say "uno" wasn't connected to serial port. Works now though!

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