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  • This write-up is a little too sensitive to the complainers. This was promoted as a contest, and it generally worked out to be a fair game. I suspect that much of the negative energy is coming from the fact that the non-winner experience was to endure almost two hours of a broken web application, one of the more unpleasant experiences you can have on the web. As in, "Watch this video to the end before the time runs out and win a prize!" followed by two hours of "Buffering..."
    Assuming the slow load times were anticipated, and I'm not sure they were given previous write-ups about the new servers, there might be fewer complainers if the potential experience ("you'll have to sit and hit reload quite a bit") were explained up front. Back in the day, people understood that "the first 10 callers" contests involved a lot of busy signals and redialing, but only after they played a few.
    No doubt the length and engagement level of the event made it quite sticky from a PR perspective--and sincere kudos for that--but a better game would have a more positive non-winner experience.

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