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  • hi guys. I'd appreciate any insight you can give me regarding the following inconsistency. In your guide, it's mentioned that (for the low fuse byte):
    SUT1 = 1
    SUT0 = 0
    But this is not match what's stated in the datasheet (page 31; Table 8-6). according to the datasheet, the configuration mentioned here is for ceramic resonators and not a crystals.
    Furthermore, I tried it on the uc and it worked as expected. Please correct me if I understood wrong.
    P.S.: Thank you so much for this tutorial.

  • Nice recap, just how I like them (full of graphs and pictures)
    Free day was fun, even though i didn't try to get one of those free giveaways (i didn't even visit your site during the chaos). Just thinking of the mayhem you will cause was enough for me ;)

  • In the pictures at the beginning of this post; what are you using to get the light-out-of-the-box effect?
    Please don't tell me that they're a couple of those ultra bright 5 watt LEDs you carry ;)
    I'm not going for those free packages. Instead, I'm putting my money on the 'guess when free day money runs out' thing.
    btw, that counter's a nice touch.

  • 1000 packages may seem a lot (100$ per pack). but to be honest, they'll probably fly before 9:30AM. Most likely, I wont be getting one of those packages.
    Nevertheless, this move is one more reason to become a SFE regular :)

  • do you provide a ~240VAC variant?

  • I think they've got things backwards, You're the ones who should be suing them for negative publicity.
    seriously though, this is the most ridiculous thing I've come across all day. I'm supporting you 100%.

  • best tutorial so far. two downsides though:
    - gray isn't the best color for this kind of reading.
    - a printable version should be made availabe, if it hasn't been already.
    never the less, good job :)

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