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  • Ahh.. 0.5V forward drop at 3.7V is over 13% loss - very good point. Thanks!

  • I am looking to solar charge a 3.7V/7.8Ah battery pack (http://uk.farnell.com/ansmann/2447-3034/rechargeable-batt-li-ion-3-7v/dp/2484233) and while searching for the LT3652 I found your SunnyBuddy. In the schematics, the load is connected in parallel to the battery, while on the Linear's typical application it is through a schottky diode to separate the load from the battery charge. Could you please explain why you have connected the load parallel to the battery? My idea is to allow maximum charge to the battery, while the load is consuming from the actual power source directly without affecting the charge.

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