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  • What is your source that E4,E5,E6 and E8 uses the same sensor with 320x240 px but was crippled to different level? Every source I can find says different!

    With $3995 for the E8 it seems highly unlikely that FLiR puts their flagship sensor into the FLiR E4 only to cripple it via software. Only the IR sensor of the "IR blue" did cost $75 one year ago and has only a 4 x 16 px resolution. The sensor is the most expensive component of every iR Camera.

  • Well, you seem to agree that both the FLiR One and the E4 have the same resolution: 80 x 60 px. If the hardware of the E4 is better, but crippled it then it doesn't matter to the user. Therefore the resolution IS THE SAME for the FLiR One and the FLiR E4 and therefore $349 seems expensive for 80 x 60 px if the FLiR One cost $249 and the Seek Thermal $199 with 206 x 156 px which is the only point I tried to make.

  • That is not true! The FLiR Dev Kit uses the same sensor as the FLiR One and FLiR E4: 80 x 60 px The Seek Thermal Model UW-AAA and LW-AAA has even 206 x 156 px and cost $199! Please inform yourself before posting wrong statements!

  • little expensive. Amazon/BestBuy/B&H have the FLiR One for the iPhone 5/5S on sale for $249.

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