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  • So how much did your sales increase during this period? Did you have a $750K increase in profit from sales as a result of your $500K expense? The bottom line purpose of free shipping is to increase sales. Now, if you didn't see the increase you hoped for, then cutting back on the program makes sense.

    When I shop on a site with a free shipping option I first see how much stuff I REALLY want to buy there... If I'm very close to a free shipping cutoff I might grab a few cheap things I don't really care about to push me over the edge... but if I'm still far away, then I'll either wait until I might want more things (possibly months later) or simply shop elsewhere. Because honestly, as others have pointed out your prices are not that great and sometimes downright awful, particularly on tools and components. On breakout boards and things like that I can't complain about you charging whatever you want, but to be honest my Arduino day order was my first order here in a LONG time. People seem to love you guys, and I appreciate the videos and tutorials and all that, but I don't quite get the "charge us whatever you want, we love you guys!" attitude that some people exhibit. You're a business not a charity, so I don't get why some people seem so anxious to throw money at you, but hey I guess you found your market. It still amazes me that you all sold dead microcontrollers a couple of years ago when you got scammed by a supplier who shipped you slugs, and people actually bought them "for a little slice of history". Go figure.

  • And free shipping on orders over $60 still applies I assume?

  • If that's the case then all is well. I am at work and thus have not yet watched the video.

  • Yeah the guy that put up the above instructable in like 2007 did a great job. Just hate to see them pretend that they actually came up with it.

  • Please address....

  • Silicone, not silicon...

  • "..The accuracy of the kit is about ± 1mL."

    Per second, I presume? Flow being a rate, not a volume, of course...

  • It's my understanding, which may be incorrect, that everything has to go through their servers and there is no real standalone mode... so if they ever go out of business then all projects using these cease to work. To me that's the biggest issue, and if it's true, then this product isn't for me. It looks interesting, but if everything I use it in is gonna die if the company doesn't thrive off the bat then I can't take a chance on it...

  • No doubt. Boom-chicka-wow-wow.....

  • I assume you're only talking about "finished goods", because if you're talking about everything available at the store then you're way off base if you believe that. I love sparkfun and they're great for finding esoteric items, breakout boards, finished goods etc. But many times if you're talking lowest-level components and general tools/supplies many of the products CAN be found elsewhere for much lower prices. If you just need an IC, LEDs, wire, resistors etc. then look at a digikey or mouser. You don't think digikey and mouser like to make money? Of course they do.

    Sparkfun is great because of their niche products. And while you're already placing an order, it might make sense on throwing in some hand tools or components so you don't have to pay separate shipping from someplace else. But if one day you find that you ONLY need some components or supplies, please look around before you assume that you'll find the best price here.

    The "surprise box" idea is perfectly sound IF you realize that they would probably use old stock, overstock items. Things that they may have made up too many of and they're not selling well, or are reaching end-of-life as new versions come out. Of course they're not going to take a hit on new products, but stores frequently have to move old inventory to make way for new. Heck just check out their ding 'n dent section sometimes. Scrap boards are sold for solder practice. I think they've sold old soldermasks before. A year or two ago they got a huge batch of BAD microcontrollers from China and they sold them off as "curiosities" (why anybody would intentionally pay a quarter for a bricked POS uC is beyond me). Bags of sweepings of stuff that got dropped by the pick 'n place machines are sold. Sparkfun does a great job of monetizing their scrap, a "surprise box" is more of the same sort of thing. Just don't expect to find a Raspberry Pi in there.

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