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  • Any chance of restocking those b4 Free Day?

  • Is this only the 16-pin socket, or all the sockets listed in the description?

  • I’ve plugged it in according to the schematic and the datasheet like this: scheme01 but it shorted. I’ve narrowed down the shorting wires to these: scheme02
    Any idea if the chip is defective or is it my wiring that is wrong?

  • tz, thanx for the code. I’m not sure how to use C code with the Arduino, I was hoping for a piece of authentic Arduino code or at least a point in the right direction. I’m kinda lost, I’m not even sure I have the wiring right (I’m trying to I2C communicate with the chip). Thanx

  • I just got this, did anyone find some Arduino/Processing code for this thing? Would be very helpful. Thanks

  • If you order this kit as separate pieces (SparkFun provided us with links) it’s actually almost 5 bucks cheaper! And if you look around your house and find a standard USB A-B, that’s another 4 bucks. Best thing about separate purchase is that you can change parts.
    I got this kit and it’s tons o' fun!
    Two things worth mentioning: I took the Breadboard Small instead of the provided Breadboard Mini and still it feels a bit small, so taking Mini would’ve been a sad experience for me. Second, I got only the M/M Jumper Wires that came with the kit and they’re ultra useful, but! I often wish I’d have some wires with an F side. So consider getting some F/F, or M/F ones.
    Have fun!

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