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  • I recently purchased and received the HMC6352 breakout board module from Sparkfun. I created a library of routines to access and control the HMC6352 for my CCS C compiler and PIC18LF2620 running at 19.6608MHz at 3.3VDC.

    In monitoring the activity on the I2C bus showing interactions from the PIC to/from the HMC6352 module, my logic/protocol analyzer shows all writes to the device to be correct and acknowledged by the module but all read accesses from the device respond with 0xff. The read command and data are correctly "ack'd", though, so the addressing to the device appears to be correct. I've tried to send the "wake" command to the device (which was correctly "ack'd") and followed it with a read eeprom address 0 (the default I2C address). The address responded with 0xff. I've tried to send a different mode command (to RAM and to EEPROM) but subsequent reads of the RAM mode register (0x74) always show 0xff. ALL read requests from the device respond with 0xff. I've tried running at 5.0VDC but get the same responses.

    Has anyone else run into this problem or know if there's some other initialization that needs to be done to the device?


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