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  • Lawyers are killing this country. Shouldn't they at least wait until they get complaints before troubling you, your lawyers, the trademark office, and now me (with this reply in your defense) before doing what lawyers do? I suppose when you have a few suits on retainer at $500 an hour, they have to look busy so they won't get let go.
    Shame on Sun for letting their lawyers do this crap.

  • On the water sprinkler, this is unreal, I had the exact same idea for a project last week. The catalyst, I have an existing in ground irrigation system that was with my home when I purchased it. In the past month I've had to dig into the ground twice, once to fix a cap on the line that blew off and another to fix a head that was jammed and wasn't popping up. Both times I ended up fiddling with sprinkler heads and nozzles trying to figure out the optimal patterns to cover the most area without wasting water. And after the second problem where 2 hours worth of tweaking got me to about a 70% solution and I need to control the pressure to get that other 30%.
    It would be nice to have an all in one unit that you could program with a 2d profile of your yard (or a given area) at a fixed point and have the sprinkler head rotate and modulate so that the entire area is covered and little more.

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