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  • @itsme_qamar,<br />
    Rather then just expecting someone to answer your question why dont you read the data sheet, you would soon realize that this device communicates as a tx and rx therefore you dont need two different devices.

  • Look Xanth, the way I see it is that SparkFun is here to allow students, hobbiest you name it, all around the world to explore and create new electronic (but not limited too) applications that they generally wouldnt be able to do without forking out big dollars. They are not here to spoon feed you with ideas about utilizing their products. I understand were you are coming from with respect to a marketing angle but rather then simply bag SparkFun out, come up with something creative yourself and share it here with everyone. You obviously have somewhat of a interest in engineer design, and I am sure you can read a datasheet therefore you dont need SparkFun to give you inspiration. If you are looking for tutorials, just ask and I am sure SparkFun would be happy to help. This by no means is meant to be disrespectful to you and I hope to hear/see some of the things you come up with.

  • Hi ScottH,
    I spoke with Oliver Huang from SkyTraq Technology, Inc and he was very helpful. He sent me via email the updated firmware.
    Im sure you have already tried this but here is the email anyway:
    Info [info@skytraq.com.tw]
    If you still dont have any luck send me your email and ill forward it to you.
    Hope this helps.

  • Get over it, maybe you could do the same and stop crying over it

  • Hi Joshua,
    I was wondering the same thing so I contacted SkyTraq and they told me that the binary nav data messages were for a future firmware. They provided me with the updated firmware and binary command set document describing the PVT messages that can be configured to 10Hz. They have been pretty helpful.
    It might be a good idea if Sparkfun add these files to this page so that SkyTraq do not get inundated with requests for the new firmware.
    Hope this helps

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