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  • If you don't want to give out your e-mail, just download it from here: Downloads/Resistors/Field guide to resistors.pdf

  • The link to the SDK Setup Guide ( doesn't work.

  • Someone removed the video. The link no longer works.

  • The guide is still not working (neither is the "Hookup Guide" link under Documents). Thanks for the document location.

  • The "Get Started with the SparkFun RedBoard Edge Guide" button links to "", but that page gives a 404 error.

    Also, are there drawings for this board available? I'm looking for the schematics and pin layouts.

  • This cable from Adafruit works with Nexus 7 and may work with some smart phones as well.

  • The New Product videos are posted early Friday mornings (usually by 10:00 AM Mountain Time), and I'm sure a lot of people watch it as soon as it's posted (I know I do, when I can) because these cool new items can go quickly. Sometimes you just have to be lucky.

  • The Red Boards are gone and it's not allowing me to place mine on backorder. What gives???

  • Burns Theremins has quite a few models available ... similar to what Sheldon was using on Big Bang Theory.

  • I'm not complaining as I've used this cable with numerous other hardware devices without any problems, but it does not work with the Honestech VIDBOX NW06 video capture device. Windows gets confused when attempting to decide what it is. Changing to the cable that came with the device allows Windows to find it without any problems. Like others have mentioned, it's probably because this device communicates at high speeds.

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