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Jose Luiz

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  • Hi Jimb0, I did some tests and it's not possible upload codes to ESP8266 using only DTR to activate RESET and GPIO0 even with 0.1uF or 1uF CAP. The upload runs OK only int two situations: 1) when connecting GPIO0 direct to ground and using DTR to reset ESP8266. 2) When using DTR to set GPIO0 to ground and RTS signal from FTDI cable to reset de ESP8266.

  • ThankYou very much. I did not see that 1.0 uF capacitor on DTR line. Now everything makes sense.

  • Hi, SparkFun WiFi Shield - ESP8266 has a Auto-Programing Mode circuit that is supposed to use DTR signal to auto configure GPIO0 to GND during uploading. How is it going to work if we must power down an up the ESP8266 ? Is there any special config to use this resource ? ThankYou Regards

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