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  • Not absolutely sure, but it appears that 4800 maximum is a result of the frequency response of the components - the waveform is beginning to degrade significantly at that rate when viewed on a scope.

  • I have just used this receiver with a passive infrared alarm module, a Quorum A-160, The modules are sold by Electronic Goldmine, contain a PIR, and 434 MHz transmitter and an encoder. The problem with them was that no one could seem to locate the companion A-160 receiver. I used this receiver module and scoped the output to get the encoding, which seems to operate at about 1000 baud. The interesting thing is that the transmitter module encoding was apparently originally used to set the transmitter to the receiver and any sensor would set off the receiver indiscriminately. By decoding the address I was able to make a zone alarm using multiple transmitters whose location was decoded by the receiver with an ATTiny85. The protocol seems to be a bit non-standard, but it is a fairly trivial matter to decode it. The receivers work well, I have gotten 70+ feet through two walls with them.

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