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  • Yeah still waiting on that Android app to jump in. Just want to make sure they are serious about cross-platform support.

  • how much power does this thing draw?

  • A really bad time of year for this. College kids are in final exam week, the parents of k12 kids are running all over for the the holidays. It would work much better late January when everyone is bored.

  • Please wait until Thanksgiving for this stuff. No need to run major holidays over each other. Pretty soon we will be buying our Christkwanzika gifts before halloween.

  • These were definitely not designed for ease of use. There are two through holes where the motor mounts to the transmission. I think they are 3mm. There is also a small tab at the center front of the gearbox with a hole. You need to use bolts or sometimes I just use 3/32 pop rivets if I am not planning to remove them. I can speak from experience that the gearboxes are made from some sort of high molecular weight plastic (I'm guessing polypropylene or polyethylene) and no glue will stick to them---I've tried pretty much all the choices. VHB tape might work for temporary installation.

  • Some one uploads a video of themselves with the theme song from Deliverance? Wow, how soon we forget where things come from.....

  • Thanks, I'm going to attempt something like this soon so the post is very helpful. I have had great success in acetone smoothing usng a crock pot. The fumes are very dangerous so an abundance of caution is a good thing. I give the details halfway through this post on some cold-cast stone from a 3D printed model: casting the bean. It was my first time with silicone mold making and it went very well. That page details the whole process, including a long video on the casting and finishing process. On to hot casting!

  • I support the direction a couple of the earlier comments are going for the next step: a real world project. In general I think someone finishing with the SIK should build something designed to be more permanent and work in the real world that requires soldering, fabrication, sensors and motion. Just as an example, I developed and posted plans for a simple robot of this sort ( to use in mentoring makers, which I think I will repackage as a mini-sumo so it has more of a point to it. Sparkfun could do a SIKII which uses a prototype board that require soldering instead of breadboards, gear motors/motor controller instead of a servo, battery power, etc. Actually one robotics project and one IoT project might be a good idea. Build something with permanent connections, put it out there for extended use by others and see what breaks.

  • Yeah that and Robert's self-blurring (at least on camera) faceted ring. I find looking for trivial details in these videos as much fun as the new products. Probably a sign I've been watching them too long :)

  • Slick flick of the knife. Doing it off camera makes it seem even more sinister.