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  • As has been reported everywhere, but is usually buried deep in the comments: This ruling had nothing to do with privacy to begin with. Late in the Obama administration, the FCC decided to extend its power saying it could legislate over this area. Congress has disagreed, saying that this is the domain of the FTC. There's some legal wrangling on the edges, but that's the gist of it.

    Here's another way of putting it: Imagine if you turned on the TV, and there was wall-to-wall coverage on CNN of how Congress just passed a bill to take money from schoolchildren in Iraq. Everyone posts about how it's terrible that schoolchildren in Iraq won't get an education, or maybe we weren't doing a good job to begin with. But the real story is, that Congress repealed the authorization for force and declared that we will no longer be fighting in Iraq. Programs designed to "win over the hearts and minds" of the Iraqi people are going to go away as part of this force reduction, but really, the ruling has NOTHING TO DO with defunding Iraqi schools except in passing. Same here. There may be a conversation with having about the privacy fallout of this ruling- but that has NOTHING TO DO with the actual ruling.

    We're so deep into fake news that neither side is even close to talking about the actual issues. Both sides just decide what they want to talk about.

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