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  • This is a pretty tough plastic, more similar to nylon than ABS in my opinion though. Because of the similarity to nylon, I tried to make a gear out of it by making a silicone mold and pressing this stuff into it. This was a 32 or 48 pitch spur gear with something like 9 to 11 teeth. It worked great for about 30 seconds and then it melted... It would probably work much better for bigger gears that didn't spin so quickly.

  • Does anyone have any idea how fast this can really transfer? The documentation makes no real mention of what the maximum sustained transfer rate is, or any transfer rate for that matter....

  • OK... Last comment. The data appears to correct itself from inversion when you send it at a faster rate than the pulse trains that I was sending before. The 10ms on and 10ms off might have been correct but since the two halves were of equal size, I couldn't tell.

  • One slight correction to my previous comment:
    If you are sending regular serial data or a signal such as the 10ms on 10ms off pulses that I described, the receiver will output a clean signal. It doesn't output static when you drive the transmitter low for short periods.

  • Gave this board a try.
    * It is really easy to use.
    * Whatever data you put onto the transmit pin more or less comes out of the RX pin on the other unit.
    * You can't beat the price.
    * These modules are pretty small.
    * The latency of this board is about 10ms.
    * The data coming out of the RX pin is inverted.
    * I tried sending a 10ms pulse every 400 ms. What I received was a 58ms pulse every 400ms. The pulse length shortened to 52ms with a 100ms interval. When I went down to a 10ms on 10ms off signal everything worked properly.
    * The transmitter seems to only send a signal when you drive it high. When it is being driven low or is off, the receiver outputs static.
    Overall, I would say go for it if you are OK with scanning your data for proper packets of data. The price is awesome.

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