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  • Thanks for the clarification. Maybe Sparkfun should redesign this board to make it compatible a with 3.3V I2C bus.

  • I think it would be beneficial to breakout other pins for the 328p, because maybe they can be used for other applications such as control motors.

  • Yes, the problem may be the tan cap, which is 3 ohm from the datasheet. I also ordered ceramic cap to replace that tan cap. I will see if it works or not.

  • Done as what you said, but same problem exists. Thanks anyway. Maybe I will try another board to see if similar problem exists.

  • Although I can clock the data out, I had another problem. The X axis data is most of time negative, while the Y axis data is usually positive. But this should not be the case since I put it on the horizontal plane and rotate the board, which means the data should half time positive and half time negative. Have you experienced the same problem? Thanks!

  • It works! Thank you so much! I also used a 100uF electrolytic cap now.

  • Thanks! I will first try to fix it. If it does not work. I will contact you.

  • I also see what you said at AVRfreaks, but I only have 10uf Tan cap at hand, and I tried to parallel one to C3. But it still not work! Do you use a 100uf Tan cap? Thanks!

  • I have bought it. Seems the I2C cannot work! I am using the AVR MCU. After the SLA+R or SLA+W is trasmitted, and NACK is always received. Any suggestions?
    BTW, in the HMC5843 datasheet, it says the C1 and C2 should have low ESR. It seems C2 is 0402 which may not have a low ESR.

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