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  • I would upgrade the app to once it discovers a skimmer, send the 'E' command to lock it up. I don't know how often the power to the pump is recycled, but it's got to make it difficult for the bad guys to retrieve their ill-gotten data.

  • Was there any FAA paperwork to fill out or clearances needed?

  • NoIR, No Infrared, means that the Infrared BLOCKING filter as not been installed. This means that the NoIR camera will register MORE infrared light than the normal Raspberry Pi camera. This will effect the color rendition, giving a magenta cast to pictures, because the blue filter is good at transmitting blue, blocking green and red, but not so good at blocking infrared.

  • Yes, we now have an embarrassment of riches with four package management systems for Macs. The aforementioned MacPorts, Homebrew, as well as fink, and rudix.

  • In addition to the recommendations by @sgrace, I'd like to mention embedXcode which allows you to develop for various microcontroller boards in Xcode.

  • Come on guys, the whole point of the blog post is that Sparkfun provides a service by curating a list of parts, and maintaining a high stock level to assure availability. Not to mention the vast store of knowledge on how to use these parts. To beginners like me, you begin to realize that this is a small price to pay for a successful project. As you advance in skill, you may not need this additional service, but don't discount it for all of us just because you don't need it.

  • This kit will save you money. I never seem to have everything I need to complete a project. A quick trip to this kit, and I find just the parts I needed. This kit has saved me its cost, just in shipping charges. Thanks! (I have the previous kit)

  • The last picture shows the LCD display being used with the SIK, with a mounting board that holds both the Arduino and the breadboard. Is that part of the SIK?

  • For development on Mac OS X, you can download CrossPack for AVR instead of WinAVR. It can be found at http://www.obdev.at/products/crosspack/index.html

  • Perhaps you could have a version of this kit with the serial programmer for those of us that don't have parallel ports.
    Or, you could use the "add to cart" button that adds the individual components so that I can adjust the cart to replace the parallel programmer with the serial one.