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  • Product COM-11719 | about a month ago

    I just purchased one of these and hooked it up. You can train up to 3 coins. You can configure how many pulses it sends out per coin type, from 1 to 50. I have it set on the short pulse setting and the pulse is about 40ms. It is nearly 150ms on the slow setting. This is sent out on the white signal wire at 5v. There is a counter line, I haven’t investigated this.

  • Product COM-12712 | about 2 months ago

    Interesting, I wonder if this could be used to transmit focused IR light and become a lasertag sensor badge? I’ll have to test that out at some point.

  • News - Your August Caption Conte… | about 9 months ago

    “Be the tree, be the tree… Those humans won’t see through my clever disguise until it is too late!”

  • News - Your March Caption Contes… | about a year ago

    This early Voltron prototype was a complete disaster.

  • News - New Product Friday: The R… | about a year ago

    The little red box idea is the icing on the cake here. I could just imagine this in use at their booth to hand out swag.

    Strange, I replied to #100529’s comment and it set it on Nick’s reply. Oh well, still valid and would love to see this in reality.

  • News - New Product Friday: The R… | about a year ago

    This idea is made of awesome. A giant pez dispenser that dispenses electronics!

  • News - New Product Friday: Going… | about a year ago

    I drove down to Microcenter and bought Sparkfun packaged items. I have also been to JB Saunders and purchased Sparkfun material. Of course living in Colorado, sometimes it is nice to drive over to Boulder and pick the packages up directly in front of the huge clock!

  • News - Upcoming XBee Class | about a year ago

    Yes, if you read the class description it mentions what the class provides to you. If you look at the hardware costs they are basically teaching these classes for free!

  • News - SparkFun Joining in Cyber… | about a year ago

    For some reason I read this comment and the line “I want my two dollars!” popped into my head from Better Off Dead.

  • Product DEV-11546 | about a year ago

    Next Sparkfun contest, find the real Raspberry Pi product page! Anywhere that has the Pi in for retail price is selling out quickly. Heck even one of your competitors made it an add in for orders over a certain dollar amount. I am just glad Sparkfun made the effort to carry it, I’ll get one next go round.

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