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  • de-soldering with my sword and magic helmet.

  • Smart phone, home boy.

  • Is this discontinued at SF or something? Hasn't been in stock for a while.

  • Excuse me for not being an electrical engineer. I love my arduino. If I were a professional I'm sure there are better solutions for more advanced projects. Alas, I am a tinkerer and prefer my hobbies to be fun.
    I like the arduino because I can achieve results using my existing knowledge of C and C like languages. When I use my arduino its not because I want to learn low level programming, its because I want to achieve a certain result. Arduino allows me to do that.
    If you don't like it don't use it. I know that I would not be very involved in DIY electronics without arduino. Maybe I'll move up to something more powerful, maybe not. It is a HOBBY after all and it serves me well.

  • whoa! Soo much nerd snobbery in these comments. I love Arduino because I can write easy to understand code and control hardware. Are these haters upset at the guy who invented the mouse because now you can launch a program without even typing at a command prompt? It's so unfair(in a cry baby voice).
    To you hardcore guys who want to write in binary and make your own transistors by melting sand, more power to you. I just want to have fun making electronics for my own enjoyment and the other novices who may get a kick out of it.
    I apologize for not being an electrical engineer. The shame is almost too much...

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