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  • I was under the impression electret microphones were self-feeding (i.e. not requiring input voltage), but this one does seem to need a feed, so what's the story; I'm confused now.

  • Hello,

    the datasheet specfies a maximum velocity of 1852km/hr which corresponds to 1000knots, the maximum commercial gps modules are allowed to deal with under US legislation. So far, so good. Both those same regulations fix the operational ceiling of such modules at 60000feet, roughly 20km, whereas the datasheet mentions 50km, so what's the catch?

  • Does any one have working Arduino software for this board???

  • Hi, I'm working on an educational program and would like to introduce my students to inertial guidance. Problem is I'm not a programmer or electronics engineer :-( and I have no idea how to access the different sensors in turn on this :-(
    So any demo code (basic stamp if I can be picky, but Arduino will do too) on this stick would be greatly appreciated

  • Has anyone tried to hook one of these up to a Basic Stamp II? Maybe some demo code? Or otherwise some demo code for some other microcontroller?

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